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Section 30.2 Items for Local Negotiations

There shall be a 30 consecutive day period of local implementation which shall occur within a period of 60 days commencing September 1, 2013 on the 20 specific items enumerated below, provided that no local memorandum of understanding may be inconsistent with or vary the terms of this Agreement:



Between the United States Postal Facility
Johnstown Facility
Local 322
National Postal Mail Handlers Union
A division of the Laborers’
International Union of North America

A - Additional or longer wash-up periods.

Mail Handlers covered by this agreement, who perform dirty work or come in contact with toxic materials, will be granted reasonable wash-up time before lunch and at the end of the tour. The amount of time granted will be whatever is determined as necessary for a particular situation.

B - Guidelines for the curtailment or termination of postal operations to conform to orders of local authorities or as local conditions warrant because of emergency conditions.

When the heal of the local government, local law enforcement agency or fire department declares a state of emergency exist either generally or in a specific limited area in the locality, which prohibits or in the opinion of the Postmaster warrants the curtailment or termination of postal operations, the union will be immediately notified. To the extent that is reasonably possible, affected employees will be advised regarding this situation. When conditions commonly called "Acts of God" occur, the current provisions of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM), subchapter 510, covering these situations will apply, including the appropriate application of leave at the discretion of the installation head.

C - Formulation of local leave program.


1. Selections of Annual Leave for vacation planning will begin December 1.

2. Mail handlers will be canvassed by tour and seniority, in order to make their selection(s) for the choice vacation period. Each Mail Handler's selection will be annotated
on the master vacation schedule.

3. After each Mail handler has been given an opportunity to make his/her initial selection(s), the remaining weeks available will be awarded by seniority.

D - The duration of the choice vacation period.

The choice vacation period consists of the entire leave year, except for the three - (3) weeks immediately preceding Christmas (in all years this must be a 49 week period).

The week containing Christmas Day will be considered as part of the Choice Vacation Period. However, the vacation period will not start until the day after Christmas regardless of the employee's layoff days. The leave will consist of forty- (40) consecutive hours.

E - The determination of the beginning day of an employee's vacation period.

The vacation period shall start on the first day of the Mail Handler's basic work week. The first day of the mail handler basic work week is understood to be the first day following the Mail handler's off days. Exception will be granted by agreement among the Mail handler, the Union Representative, and the employer. Mail handlers who have split days off shall be granted a change of scheduled Saturday/Sunday lay-offs for their vacation week and the following week.

F - Whether employees at their option may request two selections during the choice vacation period, in units of either 5 or 10 days.

Employee's, at their option, may request two selections in the choice vacation period, in units of either five - (5) or ten - (10) days, the total not to exceed the ten - (10) or fifteen - (15) days as prescribed in the National Agreement. Both selections shall be made at the first time the Mail Handler is canvassed.

G - Whether jury duty and attendance at National or State Conventions shall be charged to the choice vacation period. H Determination of the maximum percentage of employees who shall receive leave each week during the choice vacation period.

1. Mail handler craft employees on jury duty during his/her choice vacation period shall be granted another choice selection from among those weeks which are vacant at the time. Such jury duty absences shall not be charged to the choice vacation period.

2. Official delegates (limited to one) attending a Mail handler's Union National or State Convention during his/her choice vacation period shall be granted another choice selection from among those weeks which are vacant at the time. Such convention attendance shall not be charged to the choice vacation period.

H - Determination of the maximum percentage of employees who shall receive leave each week during the choice vacation period.

A maximum of fifteen percent (15%) of the Mail handler compliment per tour shall be granted leave each week during the choice vacation period. Fractions of 0.5 and above shall be raised to the next higher whole number with a minimum of one- (1) per tour.

Only during the timeframe encompassing the last two- (2) full weeks of June through the fourth full week of July, the percentage of the Mail handler complement receiving leave each week will be increased to 19%.

The employee shall have the option of taking any number of days during his/her vacation weeks. This provisions shall apply to all vacation weeks whether taken on initial selection or taken under the provisions of Article 10.5.C.

Relinquish annual leave will be handled as follows:

1. To relinquish annual leave, employees must submit 3971's in triplicate to the Plant Manager at least two weeks prior to annual.

2. Only full weeks of relinquished annual will be posted for mail handlers on that tour with sufficient annual to cover the additional pick.

3. Partial weeks of annual will not be posted for bid.

I - The issuance of official notices to each employee of the vacation schedule approved for such employee.

1. The vacation schedule shall be posted in an applicable, secure area accessible to all Mail handlers.

2. Management shall update the vacation schedule to note vacancies as they occur.

J - Determination of the date and means of notifying employees of the beginning of the new leave year.

Management shall, no later than November 1 of the preceding year, publicize on official bulletin boards the beginning date of the new leave year, which shall begin the first day of the first full pay period of the calendar year.

K - The procedures for submission of applications for annual leave during other than the choice vacation period.



1. A Mail handler must submit a duplicate PS Form 3971 requesting Annual Leave to his/her immediate supervisor a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours, and a maximum of thirty (30) days prior to the beginning date of the leave requested.

2. The supervisor shall return the duplicate PS Form 3971 after completing the form.

3. All Forms 3971 submitted on a given tour shall be held until the first six (6) hours of the regularly schedule tour have expired; Annual Leave requests for a given date shall be approved by seniority order from among those requests submitted. All determinations shall be made on a tour-wide basis. The number of hours requested shall be at the option of the Mail handler. Tiebreaker.

4. Six days prior to the date of leave requested, management will approve/disapprove the leave requested.

5. Leave request submitted six (6) days or less in advance will be approved/disapproved within forty-eight (48) hours.

6. If the employee is available for notification, failure to abide by numbers 4 and 5 above shall constitute approval by default.

7. The supervisor shall determine, on a first-come, first-serve basis, whether to approve or disapprove leave request.

8. The above shall not bar request made less than forty-eight (48) hours in advance. Such requests shall be answered before the end of the tour on the day in which the request was made.


1. During the vacant or deferred weeks, management will approve a minimum of one (1) Mail handler per tour Annual Leave when request are submitted a minimum of seven (7) days in advance.

L - Whether "Overtime Desired" lists in Article 8 shall be by section and/or tour.

1. There shall be one GENERAL overtime desired list established by office-wide seniority, regardless of tour.

2. All Regular Mail handlers will have the opportunity to sign this overtime desired list.

3. The General list shall be divided into two categories: (1) Before the Tour and After the Tour; (2) Layoff Days. Mail handlers may sign either or both these categories of the General List. They shall be scheduled for overtime according to the category they sign. A separate layoff day General List shall be maintained on a continuous rotation basis.

4. Once the overtime list is established, overtime shall be scheduled as follows.
a. Mail handlers on the overtime desired list shall be required to work the overtime by seniority rotation.
b. All full-time Mail-handlers who have volunteered to work after tour or lay-off days under the terms of Article 8.5.D of the National Agreement.
c. All PTF Mail handlers and casuals shall be required to work overtime.
d. Mail handlers not on the overtime desired list shall be required to work overtime, if the need still exist, by juniority rotation.

5. When overtime is to be offered at the end of the tour, management shall, to the extent possible, provide Mail handlers with a minimum of two (2) prior notice.

M - The number of light duty assignments to be reserved for temporary or permanent light duty assignment.

One (1) light duty assignment shall be reserved for temporary or permanent light duty in the Mail handler Craft.

N - The method to be used in reserving light duty assignments so that no regularly assigned member of the regular work force will be adversely affected.

No regularly assigned member of the Mail handler work force will be adversely affected by the reservation of light duty assignments.

O - The identification of assignments that are to be considered light duty.

Specific duty shall be assigned by management, based upon the medical findings of the Mail handler’s and/or management’s physician. Light duty positions will include, but not limited to:

1. Inspections of sacks
2. Empty equipment.
3. Facing and Culling
4. Additional areas to be determined upon consultation with the Union.

P - The identification of assignments comprising a section, when it is proposed to reassign within an installation, employees excess to the needs of a section.

For the purpose of this agreement, a “section” shall be defined as the tour on which the Mail handler is regularly assigned. Tours are defined by the starting times as follows

Tour I   2000-0359
Tour II  0400-1159
Tour III 1200-1959

Q - The assignment of employee parking spaces.

Parking will be on a first come, first served, basis.

R - The determination as to whether annual leave to attend Union activities requested prior to determination of the choice vacation schedule is to be part of the total choice vacation plan.

Annual Leave to attend Union activities request prior to the determination of the Choice Vacation Schedule shall not be part of the total Choice Vacation Plan.

S - Those other items which are subject to local negotiations as provided in the following Articles: Article 12, Section .3B5 Article 12, Section .3C Article 12, Section .3E3e Article 12, Section .4 Article 12, Section .6C4a Article 13, Section .3

Article 12, section 3B5 – The provisions of Article 12, section 3B7a and b of the National Agreement shall apply.

Article 12, section 3C – Posting and bidding for duty assignments shall be installation-wide.

Article 12, section 3E3e – Mail handlers shall be reassigned out of their bid duty assignments by juniority, and returned by seniority.

Article 12, section 4 – “section” shall be defined as the entire installation.

Article 12, section 6C4a – a “section” shall be the entire Mail handler complement of the Johnstown facility.

Article 132, section 3 - The provisions of items “M” and “O” of this agreement shall apply.

T - Local implementation of this Agreement relating to seniority, reassignments and posting.

1. Mail handlers shall bid assignments on a seniority basis.

2. Reassignments of Mail handlers on a temporary basis shall be administered according to the provisions of Item S of this agreement.

3. All full-time regular Mail handlers shall have the opportunity to bid assignments.

4. Bid procedures shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of the National Agreement. Each Mail handler shall be advised in writing of the procedures to handle multiple bidding on duty assignments which are simultaneously posted.

a. Effective October 1, 1996, any and/all employees who do not use any sick day(s) for a consecutive period of six –(6) months will be granted a wild card day to be used as follows:
i. Not more than thirty (30) days prior, or at least one (1) day advance notice must be given.
ii. A choice of annual and/or LWOP may be used.
iii. Wild card day cannot be used from December 10-24 or for a designated holiday.
iv. You may carry no more than two (2) wild card days per year and usage of said days cannot be used against you for discipline.
v. If you meet the above requirement(s) the days is yours and cannot be denied for any reason with the exception noted below.
vi. No more than one request per tour will be honored for the same day.